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If you are here because you entered "I Met You Once" or "I Saw You Once" you are in the right place!
We guarantee we can connect you with someone you met or saw once and would like to meet again.
  • Find Me and Meet Me Again! Give Fate a Helping Hand

Search the place where you met or saw each other; Airport, on holiday, train, subway, tube, on a plane, metro, bus, pub, club, street, or at work to find their message & reply

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Receive FREE alerts for pebbles where you hangout, for your current location or where you have been. You never know who has been admiring you!
How does it work and why is it so effective?
  • Top of Searches - We are listed at the top by search engines for any typical search such as “find somebody you met once” or “how can I find someone I met once” - So the person looking for you will find the site and your message easily!
  • We Match any Detail - It is so effective because our search engine is brilliant; guaranteeing a match when someone looking for you enters any detail of when and where you met or saw each other
  • Automatic Alerts for Matches - The site is 100% proactive, meaning you can automatically monitor the place where you met or saw each other, such as the Airport, flight number or restaurant using our ‘beachcomber search’ and receive an e-mail alert as soon as there is a message
  • Safe & Secure - We are safe and secure meaning; you can communicate completely securely and anonymously with each other via the site before swapping details