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If you met someone and felt there was a mutual attraction, but were too shy to ask for contact details.
See if they are looking for you or create a message for them. Guaranteed matches if both visit the site.
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  • Imagine if you could “find someone you met once and would LOVE to meet again.” We have all done it; saw or met someone very attractive, flirted and felt there was a mutual attraction, but both were too shy to ask for the others contact details. You wonder "how can I find them again?" There was never any real hope, but now there is at Here people can create messages such as "I met you once and …” or “I saw you once and …” We are the only missed connections site you will need to find the one that go away, or that special someone you connected with and felt here was mutual chemistry, but didn’t get their contact details.

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    If you are wondering “how to find someone you met once?” look no further; see if someone is looking for you, or leave a message for them to find on the site. It may just change your life! It doesn’t matter how or where you met someone, if you met on a plane, met on a flight, met on holiday, on the tube; if you can’t stop thinking of them, start your search now and find them today.

    The site is free and there is no need to register unless you want to create a message or reply to one. This means anyone who is mildly interested or curious to see if someone is looking for them can simply search any location where they felt there was an attraction, leading to a whole new world of intrigue. "It is simply up to the individual to decide if they want to open Pandora's Box. So if you are wondering how to find someone you met because you had a missed connection, we can help you find them again. Imagine being able to find, and have a second chance with the person you saw or met, but for whatever reason couldn't talk to. The person that gave you butterflies in your stomach and made you feel like you were floating. That would be amazing right! So start your search now!