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About Us
People spend a fortune not to mention hundreds of hours trying to find that perfect person on dating web sites, and it is amazing if they do; but what if you could find, chat to and ultimately meet the person you have never really stopped thinking about since the moment you saw them, albeit maybe for only a fleeting moment for Free! The person that in that moment made you go weak at the knees, gave you butterflies in your stomach and made you forget what you were supposed to do that day. That would be magic right!

Our one and only goal is to make this magic happen and for you to find that special person you blew your chance with for whatever reason and bring you in touch. It is our mission to eradicate sentences starting with “what if” and “if only“ that inevitably ensue following a brief electric chance encounter with someone where the circumstances were perhaps not right in order for you to make your move, or you were just plain scared; but you felt the other was aware of the electricity between you.
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