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Question: What is the beach and what are pebbles?

Answer: Our beach represents all the millions of beautiful, magical beaches in the world. Everyone feels good at the beach and everyone combs the beach for special items such as pebbles. Our pebbles represents a message, each one unique (like a pebble) describing a person you once met at a certain time and place that, for whatever reason you were unable to talk to, but can’t stop thinking about and would love to contact again.
Question: What is meant by "My pebbles"?

Answer: This refers to your pebbles, i.e. pebbles (messages) you have created and thrown on the beach.
Question: What is meant by "Create a New Pebble"?

Answer: By writing a message you are creating a new pebble.
Question: What is meant by "Throw your pebble on the beach"?

Answer: Once you have created your pebble, you can throw it on the beach; this means the whole world can now see your pebble.
Question: What is meant by "View Pebble"?

Answer: One can view the message contained within the pebble by selecting View Pebble.
Question: What is meant by "Pebbles I picked up"

Answer: These are pebbles (messages) you have replied to.
Question: What is a Tag?

Answer: A tag is something you associate with when you met that special person, a place, a bar, tram number, an airport etc.
Question: What is a "Message Thread"?

Answer: Dialogue (messages) between you and the person who either created the pebble or replied to yours.
Question: Are my message threads private?

Answer: Absolutely! This is your private area; this information will not be divulged at all.
Question: What is Beachcomber search?

Answer: People often go to the beach and comb it for various objects that may interest them, everyone is searching for something different. A beachcomber search is your way of automatically combing the beach for pebbles that may be of interest to you or your friends. It allows you to comb for pebbles in your favourite bar, town or even a tram, airport etc.
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